Why you should be using social media to find your next resident.

Social media is an extremely important factor in marketing your property to find your next resident. It’s the age of being social and you must keep up with the times if you want to fill your property to your ideal resident as quickly as possible.

Here at Life by Ringley, we have seen an avid increase in our social media leads. In fact, recent data proves that over 40% of our residents across our properties are sourced from social media leads. What we mean by this is that we have been using Facebook advertising to create paid advertisements that generate leads for each of our properties. The target customer sees our advertisement on their newsfeed and is taken to a Facebook lead form which is automatically populated with their contact information. From this, we download our daily leads in the morning before we start our day and give each lead a call. This is where our usual customer journey begins as we book them in for a viewing and continue our usual process.

It’s vital that you think outside of the box when marketing your property. It’s not just Rightmove & Zoopla that can help you find your next resident. There are so many other forms of social media where you can promote your property; Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. These platforms are completely free to utilise. The only thing you’ll pay for is your budget for your advertisement. To put that into perspective for you, we usually put around £5 a day for our larger developments which generates an average of 20 leads a day – when you get the formula right! It will take testing, trial and error. You might not get it right the first time. Edit your audience, change up the wording and try different forms of media for when you’re trying to find the formula that works well for you.

If you’re not self managed and you are using an agent then make sure you ask them – are you utilising social media to find my next resident? If so, what’s your ratio on how successful your adverts are?

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