One of the more picturesque areas of the city, Castlefield is very green and is beside the ship canal.

While the area is still home to its fair share of apartments, it is not as built up as the main centre and is a little more tranquil.

The beauty of Castlefield is that you can still enjoy the delights of the city with just a short 20-minute walk to Deansgate locks, but when you go home you are away from the hustle and bustle.

There are some fabulous bars in Castlefield, including Dukes 92, which has a great barbeque outside in the summertime.

There is also the wharf put, which is a lovely cosy pub perfect for a drink in the evening.

If you have visitors, the cost of parking in Castlefield is much more reasonable than the centre of town, and some of it is free, but this depends on the time of day and also day of the week.

While there isn’t a large supermarket within walking distance, there are a few convenience stores located nearby.

Being on the edge of the city the transport links are, and it is effortless to reach the nearby train station or to drive out of the city without having to fight your way through the centre.