What is it like to live in Manchester’s vibrant Northern Quarter

With the Northern Quarter being the most up and coming place to live in Manchester City Centre, it was only a matter of time before plans for thousands of new homes fell into place.
The Northern Quarter is known for its cool and trendy vibe, attracting music lovers from across the country with its many DJ record shops, music venues and nightlife.
It is also the home to some of the trendiest designers, photographers, agencies and clothing wholesalers tucked away in the quirky back streets giving it the character that everybody loves.
It was not until the mid-1990s that the Northern Quarter became its own distinct area.
A group of like-minded parties came together to create a name and brand for the area which has led to where we are today.
It has now become one of the most sought after places to live, not only for its many mill conversion properties with lots of character, but also for the new developments,which have been building up the area for many years and even more set to come.
In just the last year or so, the Northern Quarter has seen plans for over 2000 new homes to hit in 2017.
Great Ancoats Street, which is one of the major links into the City Centre from outside, is set to see new 8 to 14 storey tower with 134 apartments with a scheduled completion of summer 2017.
With the development of the area increasing every day, areas just beyond the boundaries such as NOMA (home to the coop head offices) are now becoming just as much a part of the Northern Quarter.
Angel Gardens is one of the newest developments scheduled for completion early 2018, it will be located directly next door to the coop building.
The developers have included features such as cinema rooms, business meeting spaces, rooftop gardens, BBQ Zones, gym and sports courts which are major attractions.
Rental and sales values have both seen a huge rise in the last couple of years, with the current prices for a 1 bed around £850pcm and 2 bed £1100pcm.
Sales prices are currently around £165000 for a 1 bed and £250000 for a 2 bed.
As well as a major increase in the amount of housing coming to the Northern Quarter, the area is being developed in other industries such as bars and restaurants.
We are seeing an increase every day in the amount of new eateries and fancy bars. The newest set for the Northern Quarter is a sister venue to the Dusk til’ Pawn and NoHo bars, which will begin renovations in the grade II listed Sevendale House on Dale Street and is set to be named ‘Cooper Hall’ which will offer a range of European beers, IPAs craft ales, wines and cocktails.
We love the Northern Quarter here at JP Hay, the vibe and the quirky character makes it one of the most fantastic places to live and enjoy time in Manchester. That’s why we based our office here!