Welcome to the new JP Hay tenant and landlord APP

Landlords and tenants have busy lives and they need things to be made simple when it comes to contacting their agent. Who wants to be using their lunch break or leisure time in the evening to be contacting their letting agent to ask how the latest viewings went or when the next rent on their property is due and how annoying is it when you may be on a lunch break yourself and the person that you want to speak to is also on theirs?
At JP Hay Sales & Lettings those days are now long gone and we now have the ability to allow our tenants and landlords to communicate with us via their My Property app.
For landlords this means that from the moment that we place your property on the market you will have a full overview of what is happening 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You are able to see what viewings have taken place, what the feedback was from those viewings. The offers on your property will be visible, along with move in dates etc. Then once the tenancy has begun you will find all of your documents relating to the tenancy including inspections and inspection dates as well as when your rent is due and how much alongside any statements that you may wish to duplicate and maintenance that is currently being undertaken or has been completed.
For tenants the app is also a great time saving device and allows them to also see documentation relating to the tenancy including tenancy agreements, inspection reports, when their rent is due and any progress with maintenance. The most convenient aspect of the app for the tenants is the ability to report maintenance to the team via their smartphone or PC. The app will also inform tenants if this is an issue that is their responsibility such as changing the battery in a smoke detector and gives them small guide notes on how to do this.
Both landlords and tenants will also receive alerts straight to their smart phone when it comes to all stages of the letting of the property and also the management. What this should eliminate is members of the team having to call and disturb landlords and tenants and also eliminate them from having to call the office back for an updates.
So far we have had some fabulous feedback from both landlords and tenants who are finding the app amazing and so helpful with comments like
“This app really is fantastic and I love the fact that I have full access and visibility for my tenancy” (T Vukasinovic landlord)
We really are proud of the new addition to the JP Hay technology family and we know it is a step in the right direction when it comes to technology and making the lives of both our tenants and our landlords much easier.
Sam Hay (MD/OWNER)