Section 21’s- what you need to know

The weeks blog is all about Section 21s, what they are, and when you can use them.

 A Section 21 is a notice that you would serve on your tenant, to say that you required possession of the property. Now, you can’t serve a Section 21 until the tenancy has been running for four months. For example, if they’re in a six-month tenancy, you can serve a Section 21 notice at the four-month point, because you must get them a clear two months’ notice.

Generally, if we need to serve a Section 21 here, what we do is, we’ll serve them at the 10-month period, if they’re in a 12-month contract. Therefore, it gives them a clear two months’ notice to find another property. Now, it may be the fact that they don’t always move out, but then, that moves on to court proceedings, etc.

You don’t actually need a reason to issue a Section 21 notice. All you’re asking for is your property back. You’re just saying you don’t want to let it to that person, or you don’t want them to go on a rolling contract.

Do always bear in mind that you can’t serve it until the tenancy has been running for four clear months.