Providing a ‘how to rent guide’

Now, landlords may not know this actual piece of news, but at the start of every tenancy you should always provide your new tenant with a How to Rent Guide. You can find the How to Rent Guide on the internet. Always ensure that you get evidence from them to state that they’ve received it.

The reason that you need to provide them with this guide is one, it’s a legal requirement, and two, if you do need to remove them from the property via a Section 21, you need to prove that you provided them with the How to Rent Guide.

At JP Hay we upload them to an app that the tenant has, so, we have the proof that it’s been uploaded, that they have received it and we also get them to sign a check sheet to show that they’ve received the documentation. But you must always ensure that you do this. As stated before, it is a legal requirement. If you do need to remove them from the property, you will need to provide proof to the judge that this document was handed to them at the start of the tenancy.