Legislation in relation to staff training and qualifications

Now you may or may not know that the government is planning to bring it in as legislation that all people who work in the lettings industry must have a qualification. I personally think that this is a great idea and at JP Hay we’re all trained in the National Federation of Property Professionals Standards and my team are expected to pass the exams in regards to the technical qualification for lettings and property management.

Now hopefully what this will do will ensure that there are a lot less mistakes made in the lettings industry when it comes to agents, but the question for you is, how well trained are your current letting agent? Do they go through any formal qualifications? Or do they just kind of learn on the job? It can be a mind field, there are over 400 legal regulations when it does come to the lettings of property. It’s always best when you’re choosing an agent, make sure that you choose one that does train their staff really well and if preferable to the ARLA qualifications and the National Federation of Property Professionals Standard.

So, don’t always go for those that are the cheapest. I know sometimes as a landlord this may be the easiest option. If you are looking for a cheap agent it can often mean, not always, but it can mean that their staff aren’t trained correctly, and it could mean that they put you at jeopardy when it comes to the legalities of letting your property.