How your property should look online

As we all know in this day and age, many people do lots and lots of things online, as opposed to back in the day when they used to go strolling around the estate agents’ looking for properties to rent or to buy.

Now it’s all predominantly done by their mobile phone, or it’s done at home when they’re on the PC. With the likes of Rightmove and Zoopla, you always need to ensure that your property looks pristine on their platforms.

Whether you are promoting your property yourself or you have an agent, it’s always a good idea that when your property is uploaded to all the property portals, you do go online and have a look on there. Now, ideally you want to be getting professional photography. At JP Hay, this is something that’s a given, and something that we do for all our properties, because it makes a real difference when it comes to getting the inquiries through from the portals for people who want to view.

Always make sure you have great photographs, make sure that your property inside is clean and tidy. There’s no point in taking pictures if there’s going to be clothes everywhere, or just disarray in general. You want to get your photographs correct.

Make sure it’s not say a photograph of your toilet or your bathroom that’s the main photograph. You can either have one of the outside of the property if it’s a house for sale, or one of the room either the kitchen or the living area that stands out and looks great. Have that as the main photograph. What you want to do is to get people to stop scrolling, to click on the property, and to look further through it.

The next thing you need to do is write a great description, so you need one that sells to the senses, tells them what it will be like living in the property, how nice it will be to live there, what their lifestyle will be like, what’s within close proximity, transport links, and things to do such as restaurants, bars, etc. Make sure that it’s all made clear so it’s not just a generic kind of description that says, “The bathroom’s this,” or, “The living room’s that.” It tells them what their lifestyle would be like.

If you are using an agent, always make sure that you do go online, check your property out yourself, and make sure that it’s up to your standards, and if you were scrolling through there, would it make you stop, and would it make you want to look at that property further?

Online is extremely, extremely important. Always make sure that your property looks great, and it stands out amongst all the others on there.