How often do you carry out your inspections?

This weeks blog is all about inspections and how often they should be carried out. At JP Hay, we’ll first visit the property at the initial six-week period when a new tenant has moved in. We’ll then continue to visit the property every 12 weeks.

Now, if you’re doing it yourself, you should keep it up as often as I’ve just said, but if you do have an agent, just ask them and find out how often they go in to visit the property, and how many property inspections are included in your management agreement.

When we go and do a property inspection, we have an app. We will take photographs of the property, we will list any problems that we find there, and these problems can be from the landlord side or from the tenant side. What you’re doing is compiling a record, so that when it gets to the end of the tenancy, you can clearly establish anything that should be fixed, or repaired, or replaced by the tenant, and anything that is your problem as a landlord and you have to repair, or you have to fix.

Inspections are extremely important, especially when it comes to doing deposit return process because if the tenant says that they don’t owe any money, or they don’t want you to take any money out of their deposit, the deposit protection service will ask you for proof of all of your inspections during the time of the tenancy. We do know from experience that if you don’t have inspection reports, and you can’t prove that anything is down to the tenant it’s unlikely that you will be awarded any of the deposit.

Also, it’s a good time to just pop along, and speak to your tenant, find out how things are going, if they have any issues that they may not have brought to light, or they may just not have phoned you about, and just check that everything in general is okay.