Abolishing the section 21, are you up to date?

On April the 15th, the government announced they were going to abolish the Section 21 notice. The reason for this was going to be to stop landlords being able to remove tenants from properties with simply eight weeks’ notice and no reason was given. Now, what they proposed, is they’re actually going to tighten up the Section 8 notice, and if you have a legitimate reason, such as you’re selling the property or you have to move back in it yourself, then you will still be able to serve the tenant with notice.

We don’t really know the finer details of this, it’s all just been recently proposed, but it is something that you need to think about in the future. And landlords, I would suggest that you check online, and you also make yourself aware of the situation, what’s happening with the proposals, and what’s going on, and think about how it’s going to affect you.

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