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Lack of communication is one of the biggest complaints against agents but it is something that we are committed to getting right


You need to trust us to work with us and know that we care more about you and your property than our commission

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You make the decision that you want to sell or let your property

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Click Hire us and we will visit you and your property for a free no obligation meeting as to how we can help you achieve the best return for your investment (if you are out of the country we can chat via skype)

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We will help you sell or let your property by providing expert advice, guidance and assistance every step of the way

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Testimonials and Awards

Simon Crowe

I have plenty of experience, as a landlord, dealing with letting agents and can honestly say that the calm, intelligent efficiency of JP Hay has been deeply impressive and immensely professional. Indeed, they embody a model for landlord, tenant and agent relationships: Sam and Poppy are utterly remarkable – I have been delighted by their attention to detail, discipline, work ethic, persistence and measured approach to all things. I have total trust in the whole team and value their expertise. I recommended them unreservedly and absolutely.

Chris Harburn

Excellent communication and levels of service. I don’t feel like I’m getting hoodwinked on maintenance cost issues. Due diligence is done sanity checking the tenants problems and single quotes from preferred contractors is not always modus operandi. This gives me confidence my investment is performing as well as possible. They know my property, the management company of the development, the council and the area well and clean numerous issues without giving me the grief of having to get involved. They have also been good enough to help me with my cash flow in the past letting big payments (like a complete redecoration) come from my next couple of months rental income. The MD is also very au fait and qualified when it comes to legal issues with your tenants. I strongly recommend this agency.